Our history

Our origins date back to 1993 when we founded our first Atieh office in Tehran with returning expatriates. The initial idea was to apply professional management consultancy services to the Iranian market. However we soon realised the Iranian market in the 90s had other questions, namely for foreign companies looking to enter and partner with Iranian industries and opportunities. We soon became a one stop consulting shop on all needs relating to assisting and advising foreign companies to successfully enter and operate in the local Iranian market. Based on our experience with the Iranian market we now work internationally in emerging markets.

In 2010, Atieh International GmbH (www.atiehinternational.com) was created, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Our newest company, Atieh International centers our consulting expertise in emerging markets, such as Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. Although we are focused on the above markets, many clients ask us for services in other emerging markets where we have a network of associates.

And in 2016, Atieh Capital GmbH (www.atiehcapital.com) was created to serve the financial need for a bridge between Europe and Iran.

We have learnt a great deal from our experience of working in a risky, volatile and emerging market, and it is through this learning and knowledge that we enter new emerging markets, where once again we help our clients understand uncertainty and risk, read between the lines, and identify sustainable long term solutions.