Atieh Capital

Atieh Capital (AC) is an independent financial advisory firm creating innovative investment solutions in the growing international trade and investment, with a focus on emerging markets.

By targeting growth finance, Atieh Capital offers solutions in the development of high-growth SMEs. To achieve this, our experts advise Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) to detect, develop, execute and manage leading investments in strategically selected sectors, projects and companies.

Atieh Capital’s aim is to assist our clients to achieve their objectives by focusing on prime acquisitions and participations in promising projects, developments and companies. As a result, this approach aims to maximize returns to investors mostly via private equity type investments. In each case, our priority is to create real value with honesty and integrity.

With headquarters in Vienna, Atieh Capital’s international team is backed by an extensive network of experts, researchers, advisors and bankers across Europe, the United States, and the West Asia region. Together, we are committed to creating new partnerships and work with our clients on a long-term basis for lasting solutions.

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