Atieh Bahar Consulting

Iran based Atieh Bahar Consulting (ABC) focuses on understanding risks and opportunities facing our clients. We help our clients identify governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and develop innovative strategies to create sustainable business partnerships in Iran. Our expertise comes from the ability to combine local knowledge and global expertise in our projects and leverage a strong network developed over years of activity in Iran. In addition, due to the complementary services of our consulting group of companies, we are able to draw on the full range of expertise of our affiliate firms, allowing us to become the one-stop solution for doing business in Iran.

Atieh Bahar Consulting has been at the forefront of strategy and risk advisory in Iran since 1993. Founded by expatriates, ABC has been providing its consulting services to most of the global enterprises active in Iran. We have assisted leaders in understanding the Iranian market, its dynamics, its main stakeholders and in developing enduring strategies. Leveraging our global expertise and local know-how and measuring our success with that of our clients, we have managed to develop lasting relationships with our clients and remain the leading strategy consultancy firm in Iran.

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